The Slampampers play 3 sets of 25 minutes within a period of 4 hours But in consultation other combinations are also possible.

The Slampampers play acoustically for very small crowds, till 50 persons and will be very mobile then and take very little room.
They come walking in with their instruments and can play right-away, and afterwards immediately walk off, without leaving a trace.

The Slampampers also have their own small, portable sound-equipment for audiences till 200 persons. (except when we travel by plane)
In case of bigger venues than 200 persons ,we need a stage and PA-system.

The Slampampers always need at least one power point of 230V, within 15 meters of the stage.

Slampampers presphoto 01 (jpg)
Slampampers presphoto 02 (jpg)

Slampampers biography (pdf)

Slampampers stageplot (pdf)